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Trip Suggestion:

A trip through history in the Jerusalem desert

In this trip we would visit the high region of the northern Judean Desert, watch the dead sea from afar, and meet modern Bedouins living in the desert today, and visit an authentic water cistern still being used today.

We will continue on to climb Mount Azazel, from which the Jewish priests would throw away a goat during "Yom Kippur" to remedy the people's sins.

From this high point we would also be able to see king Herod's mountain grave, the Hasmonean stronghold of Horkanya and the cities of Jerusalem, Ma'ale Edomim and Bethlehem.

From this point we will continue to the Kidron river for an observation on the impressive Mar- Saba Monastery that has been inhabited since early Byzantine times until today.

Next, we will drive towards Horkanya valley and visit "Nabi Musa", where according to Muslim belief Moses, who is also holy to the Islam, is buried.

From there we would head out back to civilization. It is also possible to visit the good Samaritan site on the way back to Jerusalem and sea restorations of mosaics from churches and synagogues from Gaza and the west bank.

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