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Trip Suggestion:

Nature and Geology in the northern Judean Desert

This trip will focus on geological phenomenons and observations on the Dead Sea and Moav mountains landscape.

We will drive eastwards from Jerusalem, towards Kibutz Almog, and visit the dry Og river, where we would take a short hike in its impressive gorge, and meet common desert birdlife and plants.

We will continue on to climb the Judean cliffs and view Jericho and the northern edge of the Dead Sea, and continue driving alongside the cliffs until we will reach the amazing view point of "Rosh Tzukim"- head of cliffs, one of the prettiest view points in Israel.

We will discuss the characteristics of the Judean desert as a desert in the shade of rain, and its relationship with the Judean mountain range. We will tell the stories of the Israelites leaving egypt and wandering the desert for 40 years, and the occupation of canaan under Joshua's leadership. We will also talk about the epiphany in the Jordan river.

We will discuss the situation of the Dead Sea today, its uniqueness as the lowest place on earth, its retreating water level and the human impact on it, the formation of sink holes and the different plans to restore its water level to what it used to be.

We will drive towards Horkanya valley and visit "Nabi Musa", where according to Muslim belief Moses, who is also holy to the Islam, is buried. From there we would head out back to civilization.

It is possible to continue on to the Prat river, which flows year round, and view saint George Monastery hidden in the river's gorge. It is also possible to continue and visit kumeran or Einot Tzukim national parks or visit Massada on the same day.

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