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The reason I called this web site "Israeli Wild" is that this is the experience that I seek to give my costumers. I wish to introduce you to the wild and untamed parts of my country by the use of a 4 wheel drive vehicle (soft or hard top land rover defender 110) or by the use of our own two feet.

The vehicles I use are especially equipped to withstand the hardest off road conditions, and are fully insured to carry up to 8 passengers each, to places where normal jeeps don't go. The vehicles are mechanically examined once a month.

Trips of more than one or two vehicles are also possible, when all the vehicles are driven by experienced off road instructors.

In extended hiking trips I can arrange for the vehicle to meet us at the evening camp and carry tents, sleeping bags, fire wood and food and water to remote locations.

In my trips I wish to give you a taste of the Israel that most tourists and visitors seldom meet, away from the beaten track, while still keeping the rules of safety and enjoying the knowledge and expertise of a local guide.

Trips can range from half a day to a few days, from a simple short stroll to a few days safari trip, and can start from the Hotel of your choosing in any where in Israel.

See you on the trips,