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Trip Suggestion:

A three day trip to the Desert:

Day 1- Judean Desert

We can start our trip from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.
We will leave the paved roads in the area of Ma'ale Edomim. We will meet the Bedouins living in the Judean Desert, and learn about their ways of life. We will visit an authentic water cistern still being used today, and try to learn from the modern Bedouin way of life about biblical times and our ancestors. We will continue on to visit Mount Az'azel, from which the Jewish priests would throw away the escape goat during "Yom Kippur" to remedy the people's sins. From this high panoramic view point we would also be able to see King Herod's mountain grave, the Hasmonean stronghold of Horkanya and the cities of Jerusalem, Ma'ale Edomim and Bethlehem, and of course the Dead Sea and Moav Mountains. From there we will continue to the Kidron River for an observation on the impressive Mar- Saba Monastery that has been inhabited since early Byzantine times until today. We will continue on to Horkanya Valley and head towards one of the largest canyons of the Judean Desert- Darga River. After some beautiful panoramic views of the canyon and the sinkholes on the edge of the Dead Sea we will head towards Mount Sodom- a very special mountain made completely from salt. On the mountain we will retell the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Lot's wife and her poor fate. We will finish the day in Moshav Hatzeva, in a special desert lodge, sleeping under the stars by the fire, or in a modern B&B. On this day we could also combine a nice hike to the Hasmonean fortress of Horkanya.
This day could be done in this manner on weekends and holidays only.

Day 2- The Nabatean incense routs- an UNESCO World Heritage Site:

We could start this day with an agriculture tour in the greenhouses of Moshav Hatzeva. After that we would travel through the Nekarot River, one of the prettiest rivers in the Negev Desert, and drive through it along the world heritage Nabatean Incense Rout. We will visit some of their strongholds and water cisterns and learn about the secrets that allowed this elusive culture to thrive in the desert for many centuries. We will continue on into the Ramon Crater, and visit a special geological phenomenon- the dykes of the crater. We could also enjoy short walks that will allow us to see water holes in the desert and another small and pretty canyon- "Nekarot Horse shoe". We will finish the day in the Be'erot desert lodge, enjoying a night by the fire, in the bottom of the Ramon Crater.

Day 3- Ramon Crater and Tzin Valley:

On the final day of our trip we will continue along the Nabatean Incense rout, and climb over the sheer wall of the Ramon Crater, for some great vistas of the surrounding area. We will also visit another very picturesque Nabatean Stronghold, sitting in a very strategic point. From there we will drive towards Mitzpe Ramon, and from Mitzpe Ramon we will head towards the Tzin Valley, and a beautiful desert spring called "Ein Akev". Alternatively we could visit the Nabatean world heritage city of Ovdat, After three days packed with action and memorable experiences we will start heading back to the center of Israel.

Recommended season:October to April.