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Trip Suggestion:

The ways to Jerusalem throughout the periods

We will drive down Ilan stream that was used as a road to Jerusalem during the Roman and Ottoman periods, visit a ruined stronghold from the time of the Maccabean war against the Greeks, view a Turkish old police station and visit Roman milestones from close to 2000 years ago.

We will continue on to visit the Ayalon valley, where we will find the ruins of the city of Emaos, mentioned in the new testimony, visit the ruins of a Roman villa and Bathhouse, and travel through the beautiful spring valley. The second part of the trip will be dedicated to more recent history, and the Israeli war of independence. We will watch over Latrun monastery and tell about the battles that took place around it, drive along the famous Burma road that encircled the Jordanian legion troops, and continue on to the jeep ascent and military post range overlooking the road to Jerusalem, where we will tell the story of Palmach Har'el.

Tea-time break

We could combine this trip with a visit to a goat farm, spice farm or vineyard.

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