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Trip Suggestion:

A hike around Massada- Judean Desert:

In this hike we will circle around Massada from the north, on a trail that was used by the Roman runners, who were carrying massages between the Roman siege camps. The reason that Massada was declared a world heritage site was because of the exceptionally good condition of restoration of the Roman siege complex, unlike anywhere else in the world. Along the hike we will gaze upon the northern palace and water cisterns from an unusual view point, before climbing to the top of the fortress from the battery. We will visit the surviving fortifications and palaces on top of the mountain, and learn about the tragic ending of the rebels in Massada and the forming of the Massada myth in recent history, although the rebels acted against Jewish law. We will gaze upon the Dead Sea from the top of the mountain and end the day with a challenging decent through the snake trail.
The trail includes the use of stakes and safety rails.

Length:Full day, according to the opening hours of Massada national park. Moderate fitness required.
Recommended season:Autumn, Winter and Spring.
Equipment:: Hiking shoes, wide hat, anti sun screen, mosquito repellent, sun glasses, a liter and a half of water a person, water can be filled along the way.