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Trip Suggestion:

A challenging hike through the Mishmar gorge- Judean Desert:

In this hike in a beautiful desert gorge we will climb over small waterfalls with the help of metal stakes, wade through waste deep water after rainfall and enjoy beautiful panoramic views. We will reach a refreshing spring in the middle of the desert, and encounter the impressive Mishmar waterfall which is over a hundred meters high and the famous Mishmar treasure cave. We will learn about the special treasure that was found here and its origin according to some researchers. We will also learn about the formation of the landscape around us, the characteristics of this desert- the smallest desert in the world, and the plant and wild life of this special area.

Length:Full day, moderate fitness required.
Recommended season:Autumn, Winter and Spring, not during days where there is chance of flash floods.
Equipment:: Hiking shoes, wide hat, anti sun screen, mosquito repellent, sun glasses, five liters of water a person. The trip includes wading through water most year round.