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Trip Suggestion:

A walk round the top of the Tabor Mountain- Lower Galilee:

An easy walk through the well developed scrub of the Tabor Mountain. We will learn about the complex history of the area, the importance of the Tabor to Christianity and the role it played in biblical battles, and in the days of the Crusaders and Ayubean Muslims. We will enjoy the rich vegetation and panoramic views from the top of the mountain. As part of the trip we could also visit the Transfiguration church, built on top of the mountain by famous architect Antonio Berlutzi in the beginning of the 20'th century, according to the opening hours of the church.

Length: About an hour and a half, easy walk.
Recommended season: All year round, especially at springtime and the autumn bloom of the meadow saffron.
Equipment: Comfortable walking shoes, wide hat, anti sun screen, mosquito repellent, sun glasses, a liter and a half of water a person, modest clothes for entering the church.