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Trip Suggestion:

A wilderness trip across the Negev Desert- From Tzin Valley to the Ramon Crater in three days:

In this wilderness trip we will depart from civilization for a full three days, not crossing even a single road on our way. We will cross some of the prettiest landscapes of Israel, sleep in desert campgrounds, and enjoy the help of a 4 wheel drive that would bring our tents, sleeping bags and food and water to the campground, so that we wouldn't have to carry excess weight with us.

On the first day we would head out of Midreshet Sde Boker and head towards the beautiful Akev Spring, one of the prettiest in the desert, through the Divshon assent. We will enjoy a decent swim in the spring before moving on to another, more remote spring- Ein Shviv, where we would see a beautiful poplar grove, together with impressive birdlife. We will camp not to far from the spring, pitch our tents, meet the 4wd, and enjoy a hot dinner by the fire.

On the second day we will climb up south of the Tzin valley, along part of the Israeli trail, and visit the Tzinim holes. We will learn why these holes were dug here, so far off the main trails, and continue up the thirsty snake challenging assent to Ein Sharav, another remote little spring seldom visited. We will continue to the Sharav ruin, and old Muslim ruin in an unexpected location, climbing through the challenging Sharav assent. We will finish the day in the desert campsite of Nahal Hava, where we would meet the 4wd again, and enjoy another night by the fire.

On the third day of the trip we would travel through the impressive Hava canyon, and visit the picturesque Hava waterhole. We will encounter the known Elephant leg rock, and continue through the canyon to visit the dripping Hava spring. From here we would connect to the Israeli trail for a while again, and the much older world heritage Nabatean Incense rout that would lead us towards the Ramon Crater for a beautiful viewpoint. We will visit the Mahmal stronghold that protected the camels going up and down the route, and go down to the crater using the same ancient Incense route ourselves. We would continue on more level ground until we will reach the modern Be'erot camp site, where we would finish our trip.

Important remark: This trip is a strenuous hike and moderate shape is required. The average distance we would travel every day is about 15 kilometers, on mountainous landscape.

Recommended season:October to April.

Equipment:Bathing suites, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, flashlights, hiking shoes, wide hat, anti sun screen, mosquito repellent, sun glasses, five liters of water a person, comfortable clothes for three days, warm clothes for the night.